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Werner D6200-1 Series Fiberglass D-Rung Single Ladders


Orange, electrically non-conductive side rails. Mar-resistant molded end caps. Pre-pierced holes for easy field installation of accessories. External guides at top of base section securely interlock rails. Heavy duty pulley with rope. Direct rung to rail connections. Interlocking side rails. Slip-resistant Traction-Tred® D-rungs.

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D6208-1 FIBERGLASS 8′ 300 LBS 19.50
D6210-1 FIBERGLASS 10′ 300 LBS 23.00
D6212-1 FIBERGLASS 12′ 300 LBS 27.00
D6214-1 FIBERGLASS 14′ 300 LBS 31.00
D6216-1 FIBERGLASS 16′ 300 LBS 37.00
D6220-1 FIBERGLASS 20′ 300 LBS 45.50


The D6200-1 ladders are one section straight ladders made with non-conductive fiberglass rails. Easy to transport and maneuver, these ladders bear a duty rating of 300 pounds making them durable and long lasting. The TRACTION-TRED® D rungs are slip resistant, and the durable rail shields and shoe brackets help to protect the rails from damage. The dual action feet pivot for use on hard or penetrable surfaces.

Exclusive ALFLO® rung joint means TWIST-PROOF® performance
1-5/8″ Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® D-rungs
Pre-pierced holes for easy field installation of accessories
Combination Rail Shield Bracket and Shoe with SHU-LOK® and Slip-Resistant Pad
Molded Rung Braces on bottom step for increases durability
Mar-Resistant Molded End Caps


10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 8


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