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Revolution 2.0


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90° Position Yes
Tip & Glide Wheels™ Yes
V-Bar No
Ratchet Levelers No
Ground Cue No
Air Deck Ports No
Claw No
Scaffolding Position Yes


Stepladder Specifications

Stepladder Size
Stepladder Highest Standing Level 15.08 ft
Stepladder Maximum Footprint 7.58 ft
Stepladder Max. Reach 15.08 ft


Extension Specifications

Extension Lock Cast Aluminum Rock Locks
Extension Min Reach 12.92 ft
Extension Minimum Working Length 12.92 ft
Extension Maximum Working Length 22.92 ft
Extension Max Reach 25.83 ft
Extension Total Length of Sections 25.17 ft


Shipping Specifications

Ship length 6.67 ft
Ship Width 2 ft
Ship Height 8 in
Ship Weight 61.4 lb


Get your projects done faster, safer and more efficiently by using an ultra-versatile ladder. The Revolution™ 2.0 from Little Giant Ladder Systems® has been engineered to be the perfect “get stuff done” ladder.

Multi-Position Ladder

With a multi-position ladder, you’ll always have the right size and style of ladder, no matter where the job takes you. The Revolution 2.0 can easily be used as an A-frame, extension, 90-degree, staircase or trestle-and-plank* scaffolding. Engineered with lightweight and durable aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s light enough to carry and sturdy enough to rely on.

Easy Adjustments

The patented Rock Lock® adjusters and press-in palm buttons allow for easy size and configuration adjustments and are made with cast aluminum for added durability and impact resistance. An improved Rock Lock adjuster design makes for a smooth transition from position to position.

Work in Comfort

For added comfort, the outer rungs are engineered to be wider than standard ladder rungs. Work for extended periods without unnecessary foot fatigue.

Leg Leveling

Working on an uneven surface while using a ladder can be dangerous, which is why the Revolution 2.0 has integrated Ratchet® leg levelers**. This improved leg leveling system is easy to extend and retract, so you can have a safer, more level climb.

Duty Rating

The Revolution™ 2.0 from Little Giant Ladder Systems® meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards and has a Type IA rating to hold 300 lbs.

*Trestle brackets and Plank not included

**Available on select models


Model 17, Model 22, Model 26

Ratchet Levelers™

With Ratchet Levelers™, Without Ratchet Levelers™


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