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Labels, foot assemblies and spreaders are replaceable on Werner step ladders. To get a replacement kit, please contact our Customer Care team.
Labels, foot assemblies, ropes, rope pullies, locks and lock flippers are replaceable on Werner extension ladders.
OSHA does require ladder labels to be placed on ladders. If your ladder is missing any labels or the labels have worn off, they are replaceable.
Ladders should be inspected for damage before every use. Ladders that have been damaged should not be used. Replacement parts are available for certain parts if they become damaged, or the entire unit may need to be replaced.
For safety reasons, Werner Co. does not offer replacement of the individual sections of an extension ladder.
Our company does not recommend repairing a damaged ladder and does not offer a repair service through the company.
We does not have a written warranty on their products. However, we do stand behind the quality of our products.
The highest you can stand on a step ladder is two steps below the top cap.
The highest you can stand is four rungs from the top of the extension ladder.
Yes, unless otherwise stated on the ladder instructions, a single person to a ladder is advised. Some ladders, such as twin-step ladders, will allow for two people to work on one ladder.